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How-to Use Blackberry In-Call Notes [Smart Phone Tip]

image Webb Zahn via Flickr

One of the most rarely used features on the Blackberry in my opinion,  is the in call notes. If you are scratching your head at what these are, you see what I mean.

Call notes are only used when you are on a call only. You can type a note about the phone call or anything you want while the call is in progress. They are great when you are using your Bluetooth headset or speakerphone. 

How to use in call notes

While on a call, click the Applications button (to the left of the track pad or track ball). An option you will see is Notes.

Scroll to and select Notes. When the application opens, you will see the number of the person you are talking to, the length of the call and an area to input text.

You can type in any information you want. When you are done with the call, make sure to save the note. Do this by pressing the Applications button (to the left of the track pad or track ball) and selecting Save.

Where to find your notes

Now that you have taken some notes, you will need to view them at some point.

Go to the phone log. You can get there easily by pressing the Send button.

Press Applications button (to the left of the track pad or track ball) and scroll to and select View Call Notes.

In the next window you’ll see all of the notes you took during calls. They are listed in chronological order and labeled with the contact’s name or number.

This is a great way to squeeze more usefulness out of your Blackberry.

Do you have any tips or applications you think others would find useful? If so leave a comment and share your knowledge.

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