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How to print remotely when mobile [Cloud Printing]

One problem that plagues anyone working in a mobile environment is how to print remotely. Google has an option to help print documents. You need to have an Android phone and be logged into your Google account to print remotely.

While cloud printing is limited to Google documents and spreadsheets, these are likely to be the two most printed items while you are out and about.

*Please note that you cannot print every file in your Doc list. There are files I have in my list that don’t offer an edit or print option. I am sure they will open up the options to print everything in time.

The process on how to print remotely is pretty simple. Whether you have created the document while mobile or while you were on your desktop, this method should work no matter the browser you use. I tried IE, FireFox 4 and Chrome.

No matter if  you are using the Google Docs for Android app or going to the Docs mobile page, the steps will be the same. These screen grabs are from the app.

1. Open a document from the list.

2. In the upper right corner of the document viewer, you will see an edit and (depending on the document,) a down arrow or print button.

3. When you press the print button, you will be taken to  the Cloud Print screen. If you have not set up Cloud Print, you will need to do that first.

4. Select the printer you would like to use.

5. Press Print in the bottom right corner of the screen on your Android.

If your computer is on and connected to the printer, your document will print right then. If your computer is turned off, the document will be placed in a cloud printing queue for later.

That’s how to print remotely using cloud printing. Pretty easy huh?

Here is a post from the Google Mobile blog talking about it some more. There are links to the knowledgebase if you need help.


Do you have an alternative to Google Cloud printing? If so, leave a comment and let us know how to print remotely using your method.


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