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How I organized my digital life in a day

Recently, I was noticing how many different programs I use to do similar tasks. I got to thinking how much time and brainpower I was wasting by jumping from app to app looking for or remembering what application was for what task or project.

Here is what I did…Whether the choices are good or bad, I will give you some examples of the software I decided on.


Instead of Evernote, I went with Springpad. Some of the reasons were:

  • No desktop software to download
  • Great Android app
  • It replaces several applications vs trading one for another


If you read many of the things I write, I run far away from desktop applications. However, I have several Google based email accounts I need to check. Having one source for them is a huge time saver.

Google Reader

I was toying with RSS readers other than Google Reader. I also was adding features and altering the look and operation with add-ons like Feedly for Firefox. However, when I am looking to see what is new and interesting, Google Reader’s simple list view works best for me. I do use Feedly for more leisurely reading.

  • Simple layout
  • Easy to share on major social sites
  • Has stats of who is posting and which feeds are not active.


Okay, this isn’t exactly one application. Let me explain.

Tweetdeck is an amazing application on my computer. The problem I have is, that same functionality doesn’t carry over to the Android devices yet.

Hootesuite is a great web-based application, but I am a browser tab minimalist. I hate having tabs open and just sitting there. Plus I always forget and close the window, therefore closing Hootsuite. The reason I love Hootesuite Lite for Android, is because you can schedule tweets on multiple accounts. That is HUGE for me.

Android smart phone

For those of you who know me personally, you know I am a Blackberry lover. I have for a while been pondering the switch to an Android device. I bought a used on to try out to see if I could make the switch.

I have to admit, because of the tight integration with basic Google apps and the added fun factor, I am going to officially make the switch. I still need to find an app like Momentem for tracking time spent on calls and emails. (Any ideas?)

Remember the Milk

The pro version of RTM is really handy because it syncs with my Blackberry and now my Android. It also is visible in my Google Calendar. There are many task applications out there. A few others I really like are:

  • Google Tasks because of the tight integration with the Android phone
  • Springpad’s tasks because it is already part of an application I am using.
  • TeuxDeux is a great online task manager


I am going with the Firefox browser for the time being. My main reason for doing this is because of the amount of add-ons that fit my needs. Sure Chrome is a bit faster, but certain apps like Download them all or even having Portable Firefox running all the same add-ons is very helpful.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use and try other applications. For some things, Google Chrome may be better. Or perhaps I will need a quick task list, I will use Google Tasks or Springpad.

What this whole thing was about, is simplifying a cluttered digital workspace. The next step is to better organize files,  simplify access to and searching for information and files.

How do you keep your digital workspace simple? Let everyone know what apps you use in the comment section.

image: MelvinSchlubman

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