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Get Ready for the Mobile Web Revolution [Google Analytics]

image credit kevinzhengli (Flickr)

If you haven’t noticed, I have been talking more about mobile web, mobile marketing and smart phones. This is because there is an inevitable fact looming.

Everything is moving to the mobile web. This means you will need to start to track this segment of your web site traffic.

The mobile web analytics are really no different from the site analytics you are doing right now. Tracking this specific segment of your web traffic will prove to be a big deal in the near future.

Below is a quick overview of the first post in a three-part series.

Setting up a metric specifically for the mobile visitors is a good first step. This will let you see where your starting point is. You always need to figure out where you are so you can plan the next appropriate steps.

Figuring out any trends is a good next step. This will help you cater ads, content or other site items specifically towards your mobile visitors.

The overall goal to any stats tracking is to know thine enemy. You need to find the gaps where potential customers are falling through. If these customers fall within your target customer category, you can plug the gap.

Here is a link to part 1 of the article: Optimize And Analyze For Mobile, part 1

Leave me a comment letting me know what your thoughts are on the upcoming mobile web revolution.

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