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Google Docs Gets an Upgrade [Google Docs]

Google Docs is a great free option for a freelancer or small business. Using Google Docs will save on initial costs when you are first starting up, as well as allowing you sharing and collaboration features not readily available with other office suites.

Over the life of this site, you have probably noticed I like Google applications. Android phones, voice, reader and docs. Recently Google Docs got an upgrade. Below are some highlights and a video about what the upgrade will do for you.

The upgrade brought quite a few changes to both document and spreadsheet editing. The video below will demonstrate a lot of the features I’ll talk about below.

Realtime collaboration

Realtime is getting to be a ubiquitous term these days. With collaboration, realtime is a must. If there is a delay, things can get out of control. Being able to see what the other person is editing is really handy when more than one person is working on the same project.

Chat while editing

Being able to chat with other editors of the same document or spreadsheet is a great idea. In the same window, you can communicate your ideas or what you want to do next without using a separate instant messaging program. You can keep your focus where it should be instead of toggling back and forth between apps.


Before, Google didn’t have the fastest spreadsheets. With this update, they increased the speed.Another great feature Google added is drag and drop columns. I am really digging this feature. It makes rearranging soooo much easier.

Now you won’t dread working on large complicated spreadsheets.

[Google Docs Blog]

How will these upgrades enhance your workflow?
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