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Google Alerts for Freelancers

New freelance job alerts  Why look for freelance work when you can have it come to you, right? This is the idea behind Google alerts. If you are unfamiliar with what a Google alert is, here is quick explanation.

You can enter in a search term or job name just like you are going to search Google. You set how often you want the results and let Google do its thing. You will receive an email or update to an RSS feed every time there is a new freelance work lead matching your search term. Pretty cool huh?

Here are some thoughts on how you may want to use Google alerts to feed information to you.

Job searches

Set up different searches for different variations of the freelance work you are looking for. For example, you may have one for social media manager, online community manager, digital reputation manager or any other variation.

Blog topics

Google alerts are a great way to find new ideas for blog post topics. You could drop in a term like Windows 8 software so you can see what new awesome apps you can get for Windows 8.

Industry news

If you want to keep up on what is happening in an industry, you can set up alerts for industry specific keywords so you are instantly notified when something new shows up related to your area of interest.

Brand management

This is a great way to see what people are saying about you or your business. Enter your business name surrounded by quotes and only the exact name of your business will show up. You can also set up a search for products you sell.

Watch your competition

Enter in your arch nemesis’ name or product. You can perhaps advertise on these sites or get a feel for what the blogger or reviewer thought about your competition and use this info to your advantage.

Stalk Gather information about potential clients

If you are looking to land new freelance clients, you can set up a Google alert to let you know more information about the client you are looking to win over. Finding freelance work is much easier when you know a little about the client you are pitching your services to.

With a little imagination, you can really get a lot of use from Google alerts. These alerts are an indispensable tool. Once you start using alerts, you will start adding alerts for more and more search terms. Using them to research new business or website ideas, keywords, finding freelance work or anything else you want up-to-date information on.

Do you have a different method to make information come to you? Leave your tips in the comments.

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