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Get to know one person

There are a lot of reasons to network in the real world. The number one reason is to make connections. This is the same when using your favorite social site, be it Linkedin or Facebook or even Pinterest. All have a wat to comment or chat with someone.

Here are a few ideas to get a conversation rolling.

Just say something

It is scary to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. The good news is, once you start the conversation, it gets a little easier. If you have ever approached someone with the intention to ask them out, there is a lot of stress and anxiety in that walk over to them. If you are at a networking event or even in line at the store, there is nothing to lose. You aren’t looking for anything but a conversation for a few minutes.

Think of meeting someone like a game

Some people I know need a challenge to motivate themselves. They need a goal of some kind or they will be lazy. If this sounds like you, set a goal of talking to 1 total stranger for a specific amount of time every day. When that is easy, either increase the time or add to the number of people you talk to everyday.

Ask a question

A good start to a conversation is to ask a question. Don’t be a dork and ask for something really lame. Ask for something you think they could help you with. If you are hungry, ask for a recommendation for a place to eat near by. This opens up the door to asking what they like at the eatery they recommended.

Compliment them without being stalkery

I find that people crave attention but rarely get sincere attention. If you tell someone you like their shoes or their nails, they might be put off a little. They may think you have some motive to complimenting them. Be careful here, compliments are very powerful. Say something sincere and see how they take it. It may lead to a in-depth conversation or it may turn into them awkwardly accepting.


The whole point of talking to someone is to make connections. You can’t make connections if you don’t talk to people.

Just say something to someone today

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