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The Importance of a Newsletter [Freelance Friday]

image credit Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

For a freelancer, it is extremely important to keep yourself on your clients minds, past present and future. An easy way to do this is a monthly newsletter.

There is a big debate whether a newsletter is effective or not. Just like every debate, there is a positive and a negative side. The negative side is usually more agreed with because it is typically the easier of the two roads to take.

Here at Untethered Office, we like to take into account the good and the bad to give you an opinion you can use.  Below are some reasons for and against using a newsletter for your freelance business.

Freelance Newsletter pros

  • It takes time away from your projects.
  • Low open rate.
  • Additional expense.
  • What’s the point?

Freelance Newsletter cons

  • If you are not a writer by trade, it is a great way to practice your written communication.
  • The people who do open your newsletter  ARE interested in what you have to say.
  • Most bulk email services offer reports showing who is opening and what they are clicking on.
  • It keeps you in the mind of potential or current clients.

Newsletter content

What you send out to your subscribers is totally up to you and will vary tremendously based on what you are trying to achieve. A few ideas for content are:

New skills or certifications

I highly recommend keeping your client list updated on your newest educational achievements. You never know which one of your past or potential clients may be looking for someone with your new skill set. If they don’t know you can do something, they can’t hire you.

Popular blog posts

Use the power of popularity to drive more traffic to your site. If you have a WordPress blog, you can use a plugin to rank the popularity of your posts.

Weekly or monthly, send your newsletter subscribers a list of the your most popular content. It could help your open rate and drive more traffic to your site.

Recent media attention

People don’t always keep up on current events or even industry news. If you are interviewed or quoted in an article or book, don’t be afraid to let people know.

High profile client testimonies

Everyone likes to know they aren’t the first or only one to use your product or services.  Have a few of your clients give you a blurb to use in your newsletter about a positive experience they had while working with you.

image credit  Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr

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