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Don’t Assume [Freelance Friday]

everyone has a learning curve

Recently while meeting with a client about creating a pretty basic website, it dawned on me how nervous small business are about diving into technology. This owner still does everything on paper… no fax, no email, no smart phone.

While talking to her, I kept getting the deer in headlights look. I went into the meeting assuming a basic level of knowledge on her part.

After talking to her for about 45 minutes and explaining some of the basics, it was obvious there was more of an opportunity there.

She may not want to jump into technology head first. However if things are approached in an educational way and at a slower pace, this one client could be a great long-term source of referrals and income.

Introducing her business to the digital age will be beneficial for everyone involved, including her current and potential customers. Because there are no bad online marketing habits, we can start with a clean slate and explore a wider range of options… a website/blog, social media, SMS, location-based apps, google ads, a newsletter, an online coupon and possibly a subscription based model.

What I learned

  • Do not assume everyone knows what you deem as “basic knowledge”
  • Face-to-face meetings are still a must for new clients
  • Most people don’t know what they don’t know

Approach potential clients as if they have never sent and email. Don’t patronize them and treat them like they are 3, show them respect. Remember though, they will need a pair of training wheels until YOU teach them the basics.

What “AH-HA” moments have you had while interviewing a new client? Leave a comment and let us know your story.
image:  Dawn Endico

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