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Focus using the Pomodoro technique

I was reading Make Tech Easier a few weeks ago and came across an article talking about apps to help you focus using the Pomodro technique.  I had never heard of this way of working before. Until then, I had heard most people should work for no longer than 90 minute stretches. Also if you changed to a different task or tool a break, it can take some people up to 25 minutes to really get their focus back.

I downloaded Tomighty and gave the Pomodoro technique a try. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work for me.

What I found out once I started to use this technique while working, was I could focus on what I was doing without thinking about other stuff as much. What I mean is, I can silence my phone without worrying about having a client call with an emergency and not getting back to them for an hour and a half.  I could check my Facebook or Twitter accounts on my short breaks…

I like the timed work and timed break. The structure has helped me considerably on days where I am really lacking focus.Sometimes 25 minutes is not quite long enough for me to get one task finished. Or it is too long.

I have been playing around with the length of time and I have found that 25-35 minutes on a task is my sweet spot. The short break I take is usually 10 minutes instead of the preprogrammed 5 minutes.

Overall, I am finding I get more work done because I can schedule time in my calendar to work on a specific project. I can schedule an hour and feel like I am actually getting a lot done.

I am also finding I am less likely to put off a task because I know I only need to work on it for 25 minutes. Using the Pomodoro technique has greatly reduced my tendency for procrastination.

What are your tips for staying focused on the task at hand?

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