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Finding like-minded people to follow

Using social sites is similar when you are using them for business or personal. However, when you are using a site like Twitter for business purposes, you will want to find your target audience. To do this, you need to track down people with an interest in what you are talking about or trying to sell. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Use the advanced search option

Most sites have an advanced search option on them. Google does, Twitter does and you can get creative with Facebook to find people with similar interests.

The advanced search will give you options like location, keywords, age, gender and a lot of other criteria. Start to whittle your market down slowly. If you say you want to find 25-30 year old men who are in the Dallas area who are talking good about a product, you may not have good results.

However, if you start with people in Texas talking about your product, you may get a better feel for people who are actually talking about you. You might think your product is geared towards men who work in a garage, but housewives may have found a great use for it and are sharing it all over Pinterest.

See who is following your accounts

This is kind of a no-brainer, but some people don’t look right under their nose for people to talk to. You may have shy but very devoted fans on your Facebook business page or following you on Twitter just waiting for you to say hi.

Look at your competitors

They sell similar products or services, they are targeting a similar group. They will likely have a few people who you can friend.

The overall goal is to find people who will converse with you and others about relevant topics on your business pages and accounts. These are the people you want. Just because you have 1000 followers doesn’t mean you have an army of fans. It just means you have several people who have liked your page.

Start talking to your followers and fans. Get them talking about what you do or what they need from you. Good conversation is infectious.


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