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Embrace Mobile Technology

I was up late last night and was browsing the web catching up on reading some sites I have been neglecting. In the midst of my reading, I decided to take a look at my Google Places Page.

Off to the right side of the account page, I saw the QR code. This is a newer style barcode that can be embeded with information, web links and more.

Mobile barcode

It reminded me of how much untapped technology there is, especially in the mobile market. Despite what some of the older folks may want to admit, mobile marketing is a huge untapped market.

You can see ads in free apps and on mobile sites, but if you compare it to other mediums (radio and tv), the ROI is a lot easier to calculate. You can see how many people are visiting your site my clicking on your ad. Can you do that with radio?

I think what I am getting at with this is, If there is a technology you read about, do you owe it to your business to look into it a little deeper? I say yes. Don’t look at it as “Keeping up with the Jones’ “, you are finding new ways to reach your ideal customer. And we all know, if you can deal with your ideal customer more, everyone will be happier.

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