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Editorial Calendar

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Over the past year or so, I have read numerous articles talking about how great and more productive you will be if you use and editorial calendar.

I tried a few different methods suggested in the articles like creating a new Google Calendar. The problem I ran into, was it was an extra step. It broke up the flow and gave me one more thing to manage.

That was until I read about a WordPress plugin.I was over at recently and read about a WordPress plugin he was using. It is simply named Editorial Calendar. In a nutshell, the plugin gives you a calendar layout and shows you what posts are scheduled for what days.

I wont go into great detail here, I will let you read the post he wrote about the plugin. He explains quite well why it is useful.

Why are you reading on?

My reason for writing this post is not to send Chris’ site some traffic, it is about another plugin I am using in conjunction with Editorial Calendar. The other plugin is called Future Posts Calender.

This may seem trivial,  but instead of having an extra window open or toggling back and forth to the Editorial Calendar page. Future Posts Calender puts a little calendar right on your page when you are composing a post. It will highlight dates you have posts scheduled.

Another nice feature is setting the date you would like to schedule a post. In the Publish pane of your post editing screen, click on Edit next to where it says Publish immediately.

Click on the date you want to schedule the post and the date will be changed. Again, this may seem like an insignificant feature, but I use it all the time. It is easier to look at the calendar and see an opening on Tuesday the 25th than it is to toggle over to the drafts and sift through your scheduled posts to see if you have something for that date.

What plugins do you use on your blog to help you manage your content?

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