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Don’t be Scared of your Smart Phone [Smartphone Tip]

image credit treehead via Flickr

In my short career peddling cell phones, I’ve noticed a few things.

1. People are freaked out by technology

2. People are way busier than they need to be.

3. Because they are so busy they don’t have the time to explore technologies to make their life easier.

4.This circle repeats.

What I thought I’d do is put together a couple posts packed with what will help and why.

Backing up your device

Much like a computer, backing up your device is crucial. Not only will it help you if you lose or break your device, it will also help in case you do something to the phone doesn’t like. If you are using a Blackberry, you can use the Desktop Manager to backup and sync your device. Other platforms such as Windows Mobile and Android have similar software to sync and/or back up your information.

If you are new to smart phones and are afraid of messing something up while learning how to use your new device, a backup will give you a save point. By that I mean you can always restore the information from your last backup if something goes arye.

Learn your device

If you don’t know how to use something, it will be more of a hinder and a time suck than useful. Taking one program at a time and learning the basics will put you miles ahead of the majority. You don’t need to be a 12-year-old kid to understand technology. You do however need to take a little time to learn.

There are many great resources for learning how to work your device.

The first place you would want to go, is to see your wireless sales person. They “should” be well versed in using the device. I mean they sell it right, they should know how the basic functions of the device work.

Second, Google question. Simply going to and typing in something like Fix Blackberry email problems. you will see a result like this:

Thirdly, you can join a forum. Sites like Crackberry and myBlackberry have very useful forums where you can ask questions and get a reply from very knowledgeable people.

Spend the time shopping

Shopping for the correct device or application is worth it. If you were going to buy a car, you don’t go in and take the first one with 4 wheels and driver’s seat. You do a little research. You assess your needs and budget then talk to the sales person to see what your options are.

The same goes for any kind of technology. Figure out what is most important to you (i.e. email, calendar, web…), then you can see what fits your budget for both the monthly data cost and the device itself. Talk to friends or co-workers and see what they have. Ask them their likes and dislikes.

You know, basic shopping techniques.

Leave a comment with your tips or woes about mobile technology.

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