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Do you use free or paid apps?

freemiumDo you pay for something if it helps you save time or money?

The reason I ask is, I have been buying more mobile applications and services recently.  None of the subscriptions are extremely expensive and most of the applications are the price of a latte.

Since I deal with a lot of smart phones, I get the chance to talk to people about how they use their device.

Most of the people I informally polled were looking for free. If you offered a solution that had any cost to it, they would say it is too expensive. Some applications did exactly what they needed it to and would save them both time and money, yet .99 to 9.99 was a ridiculous price to pay.

Don’t get me wrong, if a free version does what I need it to do, then I will be all over it like white on rice. However, over the past few months I have purchased the applications listed below. All of them fill a need that either saves me time or makes me money.

Exgis (Blackberry)

  • Time tracking with exportable spreadsheet reports
  • One time fee

Momentem (Blackberry)

  • Track time spent emailing and making calls
  • Monthly subscription

*The first month used, I recovered more than enough to pay for a years subscription.

Lastpass Premium (multi platform)

  • Allows access to passwords via the web, Blackberry and Android
  • You only need to remember one login username and password
  • Saves time and brain space
  • Yearly subscription

Remember the Milk Pro (multi platform)

  • An upgrade to Blackberry’s task app.
  • Yearly subscription
  • Syncs also wirelessly with your online account.

Many of the applications you may be using for free, might have a more feature-laden paid version. Are there too many free features to make the premium versions not worth the money?

Leave a comment with the paid apps you could not live without.

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