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Which email host is not the best choice

email icon Everyday I see people using an email address their internet service provider (ISP) offers. While there is nothing wrong with the service, a web-based email will give you more features and better flexibility overall. If you have never really thought about why a service like Gmail is a better choice, read on.

Personal email

I am sure you have moved from your parent’s house to school or an apartment then off to another house or apartment later on. Did you have the same, DSL, cable or cellular internet service the whole time?

What if you don’t like your ISP anymore? When you change, you will need to send your new email address to everyone in your address book… annoying to say the least.

By having a web-based service, you won’t need to worry about having to make sure everyone knows you new email address. Plus many ISPs are going to Google  anyway.


Business email

For a small business, you may need a website still and don’t have an email like While this isn’t a terrible thing, you will be better off with a web-based  provider like Google. The reason is, if you decide to later build a website for your small business, you can always use your Gmail account as an email hub. Then apply Gmail Labels and Filters to help keep things organized.

While you are less likely to uproot your business and move like you may in your personal life, but you may change ISPs or they might merge or be sold to a bigger company. This happened near me and I saw a lot of addresses change from TDS to Frontier.


Like I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with your ISP’s email option. There are just more flexible options when you use a web-based services like Gmail.


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