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Category Archives for Time Management

Evernote tips for office supplies

Here are a few ideas of office supplies you may want to add into an Evernote folder. It is a good idea to accompany the model numbers with a picture. That way, if you need to send someone else to get office supplies, they will have a picture to reference. what ink your printers use […]


Do business like a Jedi

Do or do not. There is no try – Yoda (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back) If I have the choice between Star Trek and Star Wars, I am a Star Wars guy. If you have the same preference, you will likely recognize the quote from Yoda. The Jedi are a wise group if you listen […]


Immerse yourself in what you want

Have you heard people talking about how they spent a year in a country not speaking the native language and they came back fluently speaking it? This is a great example of jumping in to something with both feet. There are a lot of times when we hold ourselves back because we feel like something […]


Using a Waiting for Reply Folder

Recently I wrote about a using a pending folder. A waiting for reply folder is very similar, but is filled with emails you have already completed and need further input from someone else. A waiting for reply folder is a great folder to have while mobile because you can quickly see what you need to […]


Focus using the Pomodoro technique

I was reading Make Tech Easier a few weeks ago and came across an article talking about apps to help you focus using the Pomodro technique.  I had never heard of this way of working before. Until then, I had heard most people should work for no longer than 90 minute stretches. Also if you […]