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Finding Friends on Twitter

When you are starting out on Twitter, it can seem like you are the new kid in a big school. You stand near the popular kids and laugh at their jokes. This really isn’t friendship. You need to be around like-minded people. When I was figuring¬† a couple of things out, I posted a couple […]


How-to Win Back Time Social Sites Steal

Many small business owners (like yourself) have no time to do anything other than the tasks they believe are moving the business forward.¬†Adding one more thing to an already hectic work day can be a good reason not to do something. However, many times the task will take much less time than we think. Social […]


How to Promote Your Business in 10 Minutes a Day

How much extra time do you have? Probably very little you deem to be available or free. There is always something needing your attention. How can an already thinly stretched sole proprietor find time for one more activity in their day? The obvious answer is to make time somewhere in your schedule. The reality to […]