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Start a Business for $100

Starting a business for $100 There is a lot of crap being sold on the internet to try and help you make money or claiming to make you rich overnight or start a business where you don’t need to put in any work. If you are one of the many many people who’ve been taken […]


Evernote tips for office supplies

Here are a few ideas of office supplies you may want to add into an Evernote folder. It is a good idea to accompany the model numbers with a picture. That way, if you need to send someone else to get office supplies, they will have a picture to reference. what ink your printers use […]


See what was edited with Mergly

Do you collaborate on anything written? Even if it is something like a simple memo, you may not always catch minor changes. There is a cool little web application I came across the other day called Mergely. What Mergely does is take the text in box 1 and compares it to box 2. Pretty simple […]


Coming Soon – Untethered Newsletter

I have been thinking about it for a while. I would like to start a bi-weekly newsletter. I have a few topics in mind, but I would really like to know what YOU would like to see. I will be making some changes to the site near the turn of the year and would like […]


Casual Friday

I was recently¬†watching Office Space, one of my favorite movies. The part where they are in the meeting about hiring the consultants and Lumbergh says: “Oh, and remember: Tomorrow is¬†day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.” It got me thinking… Do freelancers or those who […]