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Category Archives for Blackberry

How To Create Blackberry Typing Shortcuts

Blackberry phones have a neat feature built in. The auto text or spell check can be modified to create typing shortcuts. I know you have been at the doctor’s office and have seen them type in a few letters and have it expand out to a full word or sentence. You can do the same […]


How-to Use Blackberry In-Call Notes [Smart Phone Tip]

One of the most rarely used features on the Blackberry in my opinion,  is the in call notes. If you are scratching your head at what these are, you see what I mean. Call notes are only used when you are on a call only. You can type a note about the phone call or […]


Blackberry Data Outage 7-7-10

Some of you may be experiencing problems with the data on your Blackberry today. The problem is affecting many carriers, but not all of the Blackberry users. A work around until the problem is 100%  fixed is to pull the battery and leave it out for about 30 seconds, then replace it. This should get […]


Blackberry Keyboard Shortcuts I Did Not Know About

I have been using a Blackberry for several years now, and one of the features I use on a daily basis is dialing a phone number from the home screen. The other day when getting to know an application I purchased, I was asked to turn this feature off.  Let me tell you, there are […]


How-to Put an IM Icon on Your Blackberry Home Screen

Blackberrys have so many ways to customize them to your personal usage it is ridiculous. It is almost impossible to know them all. Do you use the hell out of your Blackberry Messenger or any other IM service on your device? I have been a Blackberry geek for a few years now and just found […]