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Viral Video Help From YouTube Trends

Video is becoming more and more important by the day. I am not sure if it is because people dislike to read, or if video is easier to consume. The bottom line is, viral videos on your site is becoming a must have. You may have come across stats on the web talking bout how YouTube is likely the most popular […]


Using the Right Words

Whether you are writing content for your site, a newsletter, an ad or copywriting, using the right words is essential. One mistake people make when they are writing, is they use words that show off their vocabulary. The problem with that is, people are not searching for terms like “The most prolific player in baseball”. […]


Mobile Marketing is the Future of Marketing [Mobile Marketing]

I have been reading a more than average amount of information about mobile marketing recently. The way I am seeing mobile marketing trends discussed on the web  is very similar to the way social media was talked about a year or two ago. Mobile compatible web sites and blogs, mobile ads, mobile apps and the […]


Making Videos on Your Site Searchable

If you surf the web, you know how many videos are out there. But have you ever thought how these videos get so popular? Well for starters, they need to be able to be found in the search engines be people like yourself. Google recently started a series on helping your videos get found on […]


The Importance of a Newsletter [Freelance Friday]

For a freelancer, it is extremely important to keep yourself on your clients minds, past present and future. An easy way to do this is a monthly newsletter. There is a big debate whether a newsletter is effective or not. Just like every debate, there is a positive and a negative side. The negative side is usually […]


Basic Internet Marketing Tips

I recently read an article which gave a statistic that shocked me. It said right now, about 7 billion dollars a year is spent on local internet marketing. This number will reach 30 billion by 2013. I’m no genius, but the way I read that is there will be a huge push over the next […]


Free Web Coupons For Local Search Traffic

Web advertising is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Despite this obvious need to advertise here, many small businesses are paralyzed because they do not know where to start. As usual, Google offers a free basic starting point. Like many things in business, taking the first step is the hardest part. Below you are going to […]


Using Yelp To Get Found Locally

Yelp is a social search site dedicated to giving you the most unbiased user reviews and information about local businesses possible. One of the problems with most sites is anyone, including the business, can go on and write anything they want. This can skew the rankings and not give you a real world view of […]