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Category Archives for Gmail

Which email host is not the best choice

Everyday I see people using an email address their internet service provider (ISP) offers. While there is nothing wrong with the service, a web-based email will give you more features and better flexibility overall. If you have never really thought about why a service like Gmail is a better choice, read on.


Why you need a Pending folder

Email rules many people’s lives. While it is a great way to communicate, if you let your inbox run wild, you have yet another chore to deal with daily. One way I am combating the email beast is to use a pending folder. This is a place that is a temporary staging area for emails […]


Create An Email Hub With Gmail

Having several email addresses to check all the time is a huge pain in the ass. It takes time and causes a lot of confusion. When coupled with the doing everything from your smart phone, well, it makes you not even want to try. A while ago I came across a way to use Gmail […]


Is your Google Account Safe? [Google Tip]

One of the mostĀ disastrousĀ things that can happen, is having your account hijacked. For some people, it may not be a big deal, but for the majority of us, it would be like someone breaking into our home and going through our stuff. Google knows how important your email is, so in honor of National Cyber […]


Make Your Gmail Inbox A Productivity Machine

If you have read a few posts on this site, you know I loves me some Google. I use it for my sites, the soccer club I administer and am switching soon to an Android OS phone soon. The reason I am an avid user of Google products is because they make things I need […]


Using Email Filters and Folders

One of the fundamentals of emails many forget, is keeping things organized. It is tough to get things in order once they have been neglected. Every email program has a way to file away your emails; some easier than others. Sure most email apps have a tagging and search option, but this not the ideal […]


3 Everyday Uses For Gmail Canned Responses

Most people these days have a shortage of time. If you are a micro business owner, you may be spending a lot of time in your email inbox. Odds are pretty good you are answering questions about your products or service over and over and over. This is a huge time suck. A while ago, […]


How to Write an Easy to Read Email

I have increasingly been sending and receiving more emails over the past couple months. Because of this, I see how poorly people are at composing a useful email. My aim with this post is to help you send a better email. This will make you look more organized and professional. Do not think you need […]