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An Android calendar for power-users

There are some good pre-installed applications on Android phones. There are also applications that can be added to offer more features or ease of use. Business Calendar is one of those apps that adds ease of use. There are a lot of calendars to choose from. By what I can tell from my interviews with people, […]


Google Alerts for Freelancers

Why look for freelance work when you can have it come to you, right? This is the idea behind Google alerts. If you are unfamiliar with what a Google alert is, here is quick explanation. You can enter in a search term or job name just like you are going to search Google. You set how often […]


New Christmas themed Google forms

I thought I should share this will all of you. It is kind of cool if you are working on a last-minute Christmas gift exchange.  There are also different templates for budgeting and organizing your holiday spending and gift giving. Some of the links on the original page are not working, but they might be fixed by […]


Which email host is not the best choice

Everyday I see people using an email address their internet service provider (ISP) offers. While there is nothing wrong with the service, a web-based email will give you more features and better flexibility overall. If you have never really thought about why a service like Gmail is a better choice, read on.


Why you need a Pending folder

Email rules many people’s lives. While it is a great way to communicate, if you let your inbox run wild, you have yet another chore to deal with daily. One way I am combating the email beast is to use a pending folder. This is a place that is a temporary staging area for emails […]


Create An Email Hub With Gmail

Having several email addresses to check all the time is a huge pain in the ass. It takes time and causes a lot of confusion. When coupled with the doing everything from your smart phone, well, it makes you not even want to try. A while ago I came across a way to use Gmail […]


Additional Security For Your Google Account

On the Google Online Security blog, they wrote about an added security measure for your Google account. It is a double verification feature. Many people live and die by their Google account. If your Gmail account got hacked or you weren’t able to access it, how much private information would you be cut off from? […]


Reading Digital Books

Many people, myself included are reading many books in digital form. To do this, you need a reader device of some sort. Many have a Kindle, but more devices are available. Google, being the smart cookies they are, are now in the eBook business. They recently began Google eBookstore. It is a direct competitor to […]


Hands Off Analytics Alerts [Google Tip]

If you have a website, you probably check the stats of your site. If you start to see and increase in your traffic, it can be addictive to have your analytics site open so you can click refresh every 5 minutes. Checking your site analytics page can be a big distraction. What if you could […]


Is your Google Account Safe? [Google Tip]

One of the most disastrous things that can happen, is having your account hijacked. For some people, it may not be a big deal, but for the majority of us, it would be like someone breaking into our home and going through our stuff. Google knows how important your email is, so in honor of National Cyber […]

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