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Category Archives for Freelance

Hustle Your Way To More Freelance Work

People tend to think hustling is a bad thing.  Hustling got a bad connotation by people calling themselves street hustlers or when people go to a pool hall and get hustled.  When in actuality what a hustler does isn’t a bad thing.  Their actions are a good description of what hustling means.  Hustling takes every […]


Are newsletters for socializing?

The answer to that is, kinda. What I mean is, what expectations do you give people when they sign up? Will it be 100% on topic for your site or will it be additional information not offered on the site? Depending on your community, there can be different newsletters for different things. Having more than one […]


Google Alerts for Freelancers

Why look for freelance work when you can have it come to you, right? This is the idea behind Google alerts. If you are unfamiliar with what a Google alert is, here is quick explanation. You can enter in a search term or job name just like you are going to search Google. You set how often […]


Your Boss [Freelance Friday]

I was reading Seth Godin’s blog the other day and saw a post that really slapped me across the face. It was titled The world’s worst boss. In the short but powerful article, he talks about how we are our own bosses. Not just for work, but we are in charge of our entire life.


Finding Work Via The Internet

With all of the companies making the jump into social media, it is natural for them to start tweeting job openings. Doing this will reach far more potential employment candidates than a newspaper ad or an application on their site. Many companies are finally seeing the benefits of social media, both cost and the community […]


Customer Service for Freelancers [Freelance Friday]

As freelancers,  we are in sales. Regardless of your field, you still need to find customers for your freelance business. To do that, you will not only need to be good at your craft, you will need to be able to sell yourself, your service or your product to the potential customer. Part of the […]