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Replacement Dropbox for Android

A lot of people out there use Dropbox and for good reason. It works great. Applications are available for everything with internet access. However, there are always great replacements. A great replacement for Dropbox is GoAruna. GoAruna operates very similar way as Dropbox. Applications for pretty much every desktop OS and mobile platform including most […]


Digital Hoarder Rehabilitation Tips [Freelance Friday]

Are you one that likes to keep every email you get just because you can? Do you keep blurry pictures for no reason? If so, you are a digital hoarder. With the cost of digital storage becoming cheaper by the day, it is no wonder why everyone hoarding every megabyte of information. This is a […]


Free Backup Apps You Can’t Live Without

One of the most devastating things that could happen to someone who works in an untethered office is a hard drive crash. It is one of those unavoidable things. Compound the possibilities of a mishap if you have a laptop or share your computer with other people. Sadly though, very few people have a backup […]