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Productivity Through Android Home Screen Launchers

Android phones are super customizable. so than those silly iPhones people use. ;-)  You can change everything from the icons on the home screen to the homescreen itself. When you change the homescreen, you’re changing the home screen launcher. 3rd party launchers give you even more flexibility to make your Android phone a productivity […]


Finding like-minded people to follow

Using social sites is similar when you are using them for business or personal. However, when you are using a site like Twitter for business purposes, you will want to find your target audience. To do this, you need to track down people with an interest in what you are talking about or trying to […]


Dropbox adds features…can you say automatic upload?!?

There was a cool release from the people over at Dropbox last night. They have an experimental version of their Android application available. There are a couple of things you will gain by jumping on board and downloading the new Dropbox app. First off, you get 5gb of storage instead of 2gb. Here is the […]


Super Awesome Sale

For those of you who did not receive the newsletter I sent out this morning, here is a reprint of the section about the sale.   Okay, here’s the deal. There is a site called Only72.comthat offers a bundle deal on ebooks and courses and paid forums. I bought this package last year and was […]


Mobile emailing tips

One of the main reasons people are getting a smart phone is to keep up on their email. If the recent Blackberry outage is any indication, people can’t seem to function without mobile email for even a day.


Where would you like to learn?

If you were to attend a training to learn anything about your smart phone, where would you like to go to learn? [polldaddy poll=5614941] If you have a suggestion, leave a comment or shoot a suggestion over via the Untethered Office contact page.

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