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Blackberry Playbook Head-to-Head with iPad

Are you thinking about getting a tablet to replace your laptop while you travel?

It seems like many people are. The Blackberry Playbook is an up coming tablet from Blackberry. If you are a Blackberry user already, you know how great their devices are.

They have proven themselves over the years as the standard for all other business smart phones to measure. Why would their new tablet be any different. Below is a video from Blackberry”s YouTube channel going head to head against the iPad. There is no marketing hype, just a side by side browser test.

I am glad to see Blackberry going to great lengths to advance their lineup. They are addinf a lot of fun and usefulness to the new lineup. They are also making things easier for developers.

These factors will greatly help the way people think about Blackberry devices. Right now, iPhones and Androids are winning out for the ease of use and fun categories. Blackberry has always been a great email and organizational tool.

Lets hope they don’t stray too far from their roots.

What tablet are you looking at purchasing and why?

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