Back Up Your My Documents Folder Using Cloud Storage

cloud storage If you have ever had a hard drive bite the dust, you know how bad it sucks to lose everything. I have had it happen to me once; I lost everything on it. Luckily when it happened, my laptop didn’t have a very large hard drive in it. I vowed to never let it happen again.

One of the tips I have learned, it to replace the Documents folder (Mac) or the My Documents folder (Windows) with my online storage folder. An alternative method is to use a USB drive of some sort.

Personally I have been using Dropbox (aff.) for the last year or so. Many other services are out there which could be used in a similar manner.

Why you should do this

Anything you save in this folder will NOT be stored on your hard drive. In the event of a hard drive crash, you will have no worries about recovering your data. Also, anything you store in this folder can be synced with other computers and/or accessed from the web.

How to set it up

1.Locate your My Dropbox folder. Mine was placed into the “My Documents” folder by default.

backup my documents - dropbox folder

2. Drag this folder to your desktop or another location. Make sure the Dropbox application is not running. If you have been using Dropbox for a while, you will want to back up the files just in case something goes wrong.

3. Go to a spot on your Windows XP machine where you can see a folder labeled “My Documents”. Many times this is on your desktop. Here is the location of mine: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop

backup my documents - my documents folder

4. Right click on the My Documents folder then click on Properties.

backing up my documents - right click

5. Click Find Target and select the Dropbox folder you moved in step 2.

6. Click Ok

Now anything you save to you My Documents folder will be whisked off to the clouds and can be synced with multiple computers if desired.

Windows 7/Vista

In Windows Vista or 7 it’s a super easy setup.

1. Right click on the My Documents folder.

2. Select the Location tab

3. Click Move

4. Select your Dropbox folder

5. When you hit ok, you will be asked if you would like to move all the files & folders to the new location you’re done.

6. Click Yes

This method can be used for many other things, not just your documents folder. Use this method to store or access your music, pictures or anything else from anywhere.

How do you ensure your files are backed up?

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  5. Hello

    There is no Location when I right click in Win7.

    Any other way to do this?



  6. you always need a back up, cloud storage is fine, but what if you cant connect or your device is out of charge? personally I’d get my secure files on paper. I’ve actually used a company to secure my valuable files in the past called EVASTORE, they provide excellent service was very please with them theres the link if anyone is intrested for an extra back up of important documents

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