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Automatically Save Tweeted Links with [Automation]

The social aspect of the web is intertwining itself into everything new. Applications and programs are coming out daily to add a new social feel to old out dated applications. Some combine two applications to make one super application. One such web-based app is

For many, social media is a time suck. If you find a link to tweet, then bookmark it, then add it to a URL shortener then write a witty caption, you have spent more time than you need to on that tweet. Automating any portion of this process will ultimately save you time. is a really neat service that takes one of the steps out of the process. It saves every link you tweet. Usually you are not tweeting about things that don’t  interest you, right?

You will need a Delicious bookmarks account and a Twitter account before you can make it work. Other bookmarking services such as Instapaper, Diigo and Pinboard are compatible.

Here is how to get automatically saving the links you tweet.

Creating a account

Sign in with your Twitter ID by clicking on the sign in with Twitter button.

Grant access to your Twitter account.

You will need to give up your email address. This is something fairly recent. If you want to know why here is a link to their blog post explaining.

After you give them all of the information they need, you will need to confirm your email address. Click the automated link they send you.

Now you will need to authorize to be able to add bookmarks to your favorite site. Sign into your favorite bookmarking site or click to be taken to Delicious (Yahoo) and grant access. preferences

There are quite a few options to consider in the preference menu. Keep in mind you are automating this process. If you are a Twitter power user, your bookmarks could really power up. Here are a couple of tips to help keep your bookmarks manageable.

  • Use the filters to eliminate saving links to location-based service tweets or other services like Pandora that can clutter your bookmark collection.

  • Keep the default tag – It will be easier to track down any mishaps if they occur.

That’s it, you are all set up to automatically save the links you tweet. Now when you update your Twitter page with a link, it will automatically be bookmarked and cataloged for you.

What tricks do you have to automate a daily process?

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