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Ask a question

If you are on social networking sites enough and you meet a few people, you will undoubtedly answer a few questions other people ask. Why not ask a question about something you could use input on?

Using your social sites to crowd source is a great way to find out the answers to the questions like:

  • What is it about (insert product or service) that you love?
  • What is something you think can be improved?
  • How can we show you we appreciate you?
  • What is your biggest problem with (insert action here)?

Don’t ask something really difficult, start your people off slowly. Get them in the answering mood, then ask them harder questions. You will be surprised who answers your questions.

Take special note of who does answers your questions and even more importantly, who is always commenting and seems to always be around. These people are likely your super fans. They will be the people who are talking about your business to other people, not because you give them special treatment. They do it because they love your product or service.

Think about when times when you find something you absolutely adore. You have the best meal in your recent memory or you find those stylish yet super comfortable heels you can wear all day. Now, aren’t you going to tell everyone who will listen about how great these things are?

How can you create this kind of buzz with your business? Ask your followers a question. People are very willing to put in their 2 cents, especially when it is anonymous. You can even do things like ask them to send you short videos of them using your product.

Have you ever heard the phrase You never know until you ask? Well, it really works. If you want to know something, just ask.

What are some questions you have asked your followers/ client?


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