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Are You Using Search Engines to Their Full Potential?

All major search engines have ways to narrow the results of your search just by the way you type things in. Knowing a few of these methods can save you quite a bit of time and clicks. Whether it be the wording or using some geekiness, knowing how to find things on the web is essential these days. To quote G.I. Joe – “Knowing is half the battle.”


This may seem like common sense for some, but not everyone is internet savvy. When searching for something on any search engine, be as specific as you can. Company names, city and state, country, author or anything else that will narrow down the results.

If you can type in a phrase and the results are not what you are looking for, try to reword it. Here are two searches for the same thing worded slightly different; notice the pictures and the top results are different.

Search for: race cars

Google Operators - Search 1

Search for: racing cars

Google Operators - Search 2


Google calls these Operators. By simply typing [ cars OR race cars ] into the search bar, you will get results for both cars and the results for race cars.

Another great example is putting quotes [” “] around your search phrase. Doing this will produce the results with that exact phrase.

If you were not aware, when you type in a phrase, search engines look for the whole phrase as well as any word or combination of the words in your phrase. As you can imagine, this will greatly increase the number of results. That is bad.

Have there been times when you remember most of the information, but need to search for one specific date or name or something else? If you add an asterisk [ * ] in place of the missing information, Google will fill in the blanks.

In the below example I used a combination of an [*] and [” “] to really narrow the results.

example:  “* was the 32nd president of the united states”

Google Search Basics - Using Quotes and an Asterisk

Here is a full list of  them from Google’s help section.

Leave your searching tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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