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Are you on your phone too much?

Here is a question for all of you…

Are you on your phone too much?

I ask because someone recently told me I am on my phone too much. I don’t deny I am addicted to my Android. I can access 90% of my day through my Android. I use it for;

  • my calendar
  • phone calls
  • camera
  • to-do list
  • sending text and instant messages
  • email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • scheduling social media posts for clients
  • reading
  • playing occasional games among other things.

My smart phone is my number one tool for most things in my life.

I see how I use my phone, be it excessive use or not, and I see how other people are using theirs. Then I look at the things they are complaining about.

  • forgotten appointments
  • overbooked days
  • email inboxes with hundreds of unread emails
  • notes on little yellow papers scattered all over the place
  • how they never have time to read

These are the same people who do not have or do not like to use their smart phone for much more than a thing to make calls with a full keyboard.

I am not saying they are wrong in the way they choose to run their day. What I am saying is, there is sure to be a happy medium. If you choose to own and pay for a device every month, you might as well use it to its full potential. There are so many things these devices can do, it is a shame to not use them to their full potential to let you achieve your full potential.

Keep an eye out for a couple posts on smart phone productivity. One is about different applications and ideas how you might use them. The 2nd part is about how to maneuver through your phone better and saving battery while being more productive.

Leave your answer to the question “Are you on your phone too much?” in the comments.

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