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Are newsletters for socializing?

The answer to that is, kinda. What I mean is, what expectations do you give people when they sign up? Will it be 100% on topic for your site or will it be additional information not offered on the site?

Depending on your community, there can be different newsletters¬†for different things. Having more than one newsletter isn’t a bad idea. You could offer a ¬†general newsletter to add a little fun to it and perhaps a newsletter fed by your RSS feed. Make sure the people know what they are signing up for in the beginning or they will be unsubscribing after the first email.

I bet there are emails you love to open and others you dread. Make yours one people like to open.

Here are a few ideas how.

Add humor – People love to laugh. If you can brighten their day by reading your emailings, you’re in there like swimwear. This is way good if you are in a boring field like accounting or something.

Make it crazy useful – People are digital hoarders and most don’t like that they are. If you give them something worth keeping, they will feel less guilty about saving it. People will also be more likely to forward it to a friend or friends if you are sending out a great resource.

Make it where all the cool kids find out about events and news – Do you have member only events or sales? If you only talk about what, when and where these things are happening in your newsletter, but talk about how awesome the event or sale was afterwards on your site or social accounts, you might see an increase in your newsletter subscribers.

A newsletter is what you make of it. Take some time and decide why you have a newsletter.

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