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Android Battery Power Tips

As a mobile freelancer, your mobile devices are your lifeline to the world. But if you have no power in your battery, your Android device is nothing more than a paperweight. Even if you have an extra battery or three, you still want to get the most out of your Android battery life.

Below are a few tips to get better battery life from an Android device under normal daily use.

There are a few different methods to save your smart phone battery.


Android devices have  a lot of applications to help give you the most from a single charge. Some of applications are specifically geared towards getting more life from a Android battery while others help you use an Android more efficiently.

Juice Defender

Juice defender lets you shut off services you are not using. Mobile data is typically a big drain on the battery if you have a lot of applications that are always connecting to the network.

Task Managers

Task managers are highly debated. I find that it is not a bad thing to have a task manager of some sort installed on your Android phone. Applications are sometimes stubborn. These pains in the butt apps could stop your Android from shutting down or could be the reason your phone is being sluggish. Task managers will help you kill these apps. I like multi-use applications like Superbox or Android Assistant. They offer app2sd, file managers and other apps all packaged into one.

Turn off unused wireless options

Wi-fi and GPS are the two biggest battery vampires. If you leave these on, they are always searching for a network or your location. Leave these off when you do not need them.

Turn off your screen

I am horrible at this. I am always checking my phone to see if there is a message. If there isn’t, then I will read a little on Twitter or look at my pending folder.

Shorten the screen timeout to 1 minute or less. This will keep your screen from staying on for long periods of time when you quick check a message then toss it back in your pocket. I find 1 minute is the least annoying amount of time. It stays on for long enough to read an email, yet doesn’t piss you off because it is always shutting off while you are reading.

By keeping your screen off more you will have a longer lasting battery.


Anything you stream from any site will use more battery than if you use the built-in players and have the media stored on the memory card. Dont stream media, play it from the memory card. This goes for music and movies.


Look in the settings menu on your Android phone for a tab called Accounts and sync. This is where you will see your Google accounts and other applications like Facebook and news. You can turn off the manual syncing for things you do not use.

If you have a 3rd part application installed that refreshes more than you need, open that application and look in the settings for a sync interval. Many of them have a manual option.

Most applications will also sync when you open them. So unless you are a Facebook addict and need to know the second someone replies to your wall post, a manual sync option will help a lot.

Only have the essentials auto sync.

Home Screens

This is an easy fix. Use fewer widgets, if any at all. The widgets you may use to keep tabs on the weather or social apps are usually in constant contact with the application or the network. If you don’t need the widget, get rid of it. You can always add a widget later.

Also, if you can eliminate home screens, this is a good thing too. You will have less to scroll through to find applications. If you cannot remove home screens perhaps you may want to  look at a different launcher application. GO Launcher Ex is a great option. You can have 1-9 home screens.


What are your battery saving tips? Share them in the comment section below.

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