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An Android calendar for power-users

Replacement calendar for AndroidThere are some good pre-installed applications on Android phones. There are also applications that can be added to offer more features or ease of use. Business Calendar is one of those apps that adds ease of use.

There are a lot of calendars to choose from. By what I can tell from my interviews with people, the main must-have is easy viewing. I can say for me, this is where my OEM Motorola Android calendar suffered. 

If nothing else. with Business Calendar Free,  you can more easily see your appointments in month view. Changing views is also extremely easy.

To change to Week view, you slide your finger across the week you’d like to view. In the Week view, there is a slider that lets you easily expand your view up to 14 days or down to one day. less toggling back and forth between views.

I have been trying Business Calendar Free for a week now and like it A LOT more than the pre-installed Android calendar on my Motorola. Here is a screen shot of the Month view.

Replacement Android Calendar For Power Users

There is also a list of the different calendars synced to your phone. You can eliminate a calendar from the view by clicking on it at the very bottom of the screen.

If you want to pop for the pro version, you add drag and drop calendar changes. This feature alone is worth the $4.99 price tag. I tried Calengoo and that has similar features as Business Calendar pro.

I think I will end up purchasing The pro version if everything keeps working well. That drag and drop appointment changing feature is really really handy.

I have a few more Android apps I will be writing about in the near future. I have been on a house cleaning spree with the apps I use both on my phone and on my laptop. I am whittling down what I use by combining as much as I can into as few apps as I can.

What calendar app do you use on your Android phone?

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