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Blackberry Keyboard Shortcuts I Did Not Know About

I have been using a Blackberry for several years now, and one of the features I use on a daily basis is dialing a phone number from the home screen.

The other day when getting to know an application I purchased, I was asked to turn this feature off.  Let me tell you, there are a bunch of shortcuts I didn’t know about.

It has taken me a little getting used to going into the phone app to dial, but the ease of entering so many of the programs I use is worth it.

Here is a list of the newly reviled shortcuts:

  • O = Options
  • A = Address Book
  • S = Search (entire device)
  • G = Google Talk
  • H = Help
  • K = Lock
  • L = Calendar
  • X = Windows Live Messenger
  • C = Compose email
  • V = Saved messages
  • B = Browser
  • M =  Messages
  • Y = Yahoo messenger
  • T = Tasks
  • D = Memos
  • U = Calculator
  • N = Blackberry Messenger
  • P = Phone log

What hidden gems have you found lately?

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