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Automate Your Action(s) to Do More [Automation]

No one likes to resize pictures individually.  Having a way to batch process tasks like this will help you keep your focus where it needs to be.

Automating them will also help you save time on repetitive tasks.

Until now, there hasn’t been too many free universal options for automating anything. Browser extensions are available, Apple pre-installs Automator on their machines and some apps have a way to automate talks within that application.

What about the rest of the time though? Action(s) is a small Java application that lets you automate your mundane tasks.

A while ago I did a how-to post over at Make Tech Easier going over How-to Automate Repetitive Tasks with Action(s). I won’t go over that again here. However, I will talk about some possible uses.

Picture modifying

Resize, change format (jpg to png, etc), apply filters and many more options.There are a ton of combinations available.


Composing an email is an option you can add at the end of your workflow. This will open your default email application (ex: Outlook or Thunderbird) and fill in all the information you’ve preloaded.


A nice feature of Action(s) is Variables. Using this in your automation sequence cam make it even more hands off. You can do things like:

  • Create a temporary folder for the workflow then delete it after
  • Go to a specific URL
  • Create a new file or folder to output to

The Web

You can use Action(s) to go to a URL, take a screen capture of the page. This is faster than doing it manually. What’s nice is you can run this workflow on several URLs at the same time.

If you have a need to download a full web page, you can also do that too. You could use this for easily comparing 2 sites while offline.


All-in-all, Action(s) is a fantastic and easy to use application for automating many of the mundane, repetitive tasks you likely need to do daily.

How do you automate tasks?

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