About Untethered Office

The motivation

The idea for Untethered Office came to me when talking to some friends. Even though they use computers all the time and are pretty tech savvy, they weren’t in-tune with all the cool little add-ons, programs or gadgets out there to make their digital lives easier.

The goal

The overall goal of Untethered Office, is to clue you in on all of the cool little things you should  know about when you are a freelancer or super busy entrepreneur working while out of the office.  Mobile connectivity can greatly reduce your in-office work if you know how to properly use your device.

The man behind the curtain

My name is Trevor. In the 3-D world, I am a freelance writer and web consultant to small businesses. I typically write about productivity, freelancing and using your Android to be productive while mobile

I am also the coach of a youth travel soccer team in the Spring and Fall.

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