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5 Reasons Why Your Homepage Isn’t Important as You Think [Guest Post]

Designers and copywriters love website homepages and as such, they will spend countless hours adding to and tweaking them. But most of the world isn’t so smitten by the homepage. The following are a few reasons why your homepage isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

Social Media Moves Past Them

Social Media Icons
Image via Flickr by linkedmediagrp

Social media is an interesting creature. While you’ll get some hits on your homepage through social media links, the fact of the matter is, social media users are already selecting their course by clicking on the link. Social media providers know that clicking on more and more links just turns people off, so they bypass as many pages as humanly possible. If your links go straight past the homepage, it’s importance is seriously de-emphasized.

Search Engines Skip Over Them

Image via Flickr by thewebpunk

Search engines used to take the tactic of directing people to websites where the information was in there “somewhere” and letting you click on what you wanted once you were there. However, there’s no reason to do that anymore. The search engines have made life easier for searchers by taking the middleman (re: your homepage) out of the equation, and you can check it out here.

People Want Specifics

Image via Flickr by Gilcelio

Web searches are very rarely of a generalized nature. Nowadays, people who go online and look for something having a very particular piece of knowledge. Because of this, the general nature of most homepages makes less sense. Your visitors want something very particular and your deeper pages help them find it. Your homepage won’t help, except when it directs them to what search engines and social media already point to.

Everyone is in a Hurry

Some hurry, some take their time
Image via Flickr by prosto photos

People have no time anymore. Everybody has work to do, social events to attend and Youtube videos to watch. Nobody wants to wade through a really cluttered homepage stuffed with extra words and pictures. They want to get a particular thing and get on their way. So if they have the chance to skip over your homepage entirely, that’s exactly what they’ll do in most cases.

Homepages are Overwhelming

Image via Flickr by marinshe

Most homepages are a mess. While you may be giving your visitors a lot in terms of knowledge, guidance and even free gifts, it can easily be way too much. You may remember reading a moment ago that most people are searching for something very specific. This is true most of the time and offering a multitude of different things is just annoying to most of your site’s visitors.

Give them precisely what they want and have a few links to the side of each deeper page. Your homepage is generally an afterthought, so don’t spend too much time on it.

The Internet has changed in a lot of ways. Homepages aren’t nearly as important as they used to be, so you need to adapt in order to stay relevant. You can easily prepare your website for the changes coming and get it ready for the future by implementing these quick fixes. By doing so, you’ll entice more customers to your site and keep them coming back with easy-to-use user-friendly trends.

DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He is an avid gadget geek who spends most his time writing on anything tech related. In his spare time he likes to travel, play soccer and watch movies. You can follow him on Twitter @MillerHeWrote.

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