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4 Add-ons to use Evernote from your Browser

Are you an Evernote user? I was until I upgraded to the Blackberry 8530. There isn’t an app for that. :( Until I get a different phone or they make an application compatible with my current device, I’ve had to find other ways to add notes to Evernote. If you are in a similar situation, you may want to read on to see if any of these will help you.

Evernote browser add-ons


Evernote web clipper

If you use either portable Firefox or the full version, this is a great way to save webpages for reading later. By clicking the Evernote logo in your toolbar, a window will appear letting you add tags and notes. I like this when I am researching a topic and want to find all the info I can, yet need a quick way to organize all of the webpages.


Shareaholic is among other things, another way to send webpages to your Evernote notebooks. This is a great option if you have a cluttered toolbar. By clicking the icon and choosing Evernote, you will be able to enter notes and tags about the page you are viewing.



To install the bookmarklet, you simply drag it into your toolbar. (The bookmarklet is at the very bottom of the page.) What you get is a window identical to that of Share-a-holic. This is a great choice if you sync your bookmarks across several computers.

Google Chrome extension

The Evernote extension for Google Chrome is a slight upgrade to the bookmarklet. The main difference is, with the extension you can search through your notes.

What kinds of tips or tricks do you have for using Evernote? Leave your best in the comments.

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